Sunday, 10 February 2008

A Busy Week 10.02.08

Just a very quick update today I'm afraid, as off to work in an hour !

It's nice to welcome you back to my blog.

We were on a short holiday in Hunstanton this week, and while i was there managed to pick up a couple of bargains :

Seed Potato's :
I've been trying recently to source some Rocket & Nicola seeds, but my local GC stopped selling these, and despite contacting the supplier company ( Taylors Bulbs in Spalding ) I have not been able to get any.
Oh well, as I was in Norfolk for the week, thought I might be able to pick some up there. The problem I have is that I have a very limited growing space, so the normal sized packs you see for sale everywhere are far too big for what i wanted.
I struck GOLD at a small family run nursery in South Wootton, near Kings Lynn, as follows:
  1. First Earlies (v. Aaron Pilot ), 1kg for £0.75 - 14 seeds!
  2. Second Earlies (v. Kestrel ), 600g for £0.47 - 8 seeds!
This is more than enough for my growing space, and am now a lot happier! They are now laid out for chitting, and I cant wait to get planting.

Over the last few years i have been buying this, the price seems to have soared. Last year i paid £3 for 5kg from B&Q and thought i had struck lucky. This year I bought the same NPK rated stuff from Woolworths - 3kg for £1.27 ! I think that is a very good deal don't you ? Unfortunately, the same high street store has some other good deals on at the moment so i may have to return !

Other news:
Seeds planted last weekend are doing pretty well considering they are in my unheated conservatory! The Onions, Leeks, Tomato's, and Basil have all germinated, putting on approx 1/4" of growth. Pretty pleased with that i must say.
The peppers are not germinated yet, but didn't expect them too, as their germination period is usually about 2 weeks.
My Rhubarb (v. Timperley Early ) crown was starting to show, so I gave it a fresh covering of compost and placed an old upturned bucket over it, to try and force some nice early shoots. We only had a minor crop from this crown last year, but hope this year to harvest a lot more, as the crown should by now be well established.

I hit position 39 in the top 100 Gardening sites today - thats all thanks to you - my readers !

Thats about it for today, sorry there's no pictures _ i'll post some soon !
Hope you all enjoy your gardens, watch out for some sharp frosts in the coming week !


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Matron said...

I agree with you about the potatoes, I find it hard to buy small quantities of seed potatoes. Sometimes I just want to try a few of each. As for your growmore, have you a Lidl shop near you? the discount shops usually do good deals on fertilizers. Wilkinsons do a good NPK general one too.