Friday, 25 April 2008

Poorly Rhubarb 25.04.08

You may remember that i purchased and planted this new crown on the 12th March this year.
Sadly, it failed to grow on in it's new position, despite the ground being well prepared and kept moist.
A few days ago I dug it up and after washing the root off, replanted in a pot and moved it into my unheated conservatory.
Fingers crossed - i might be ok. After just a few days there are some new green shoots! I will keep it in the pot (if it continues to grow ) until it gets re-established, before replanting outside later in the year. Wish I had done that in the first place!

My existing Rhubarb Crown (v. Timperley Early ) is now flourishing and is sporting a lot of new growth.
We managed to force 2 early crops by covering the plant with an old dustbin earlier in the year ( very tasty ! ) , but I didn't want to "force" too much as the crown is only now in it's second year of growth.
This is a truly fabulous addition to the garden. If you dont already have Rhubarb in your garden, I reckon you should get some soon. Have you seen the shop prices !!


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Anonymous said...

Hi RR, I’ve tagged you on my blog. It’s kind of a game. Hope you don’t mind. Want to play?

Isn't it great when things start to grow, shame about your rhubarb though. Bet its real tasty!