Monday, 6 October 2008

Chilli's Galore 06.10.08

Welcome back to Reads Retreat, our guide to growing your own veg in Raised Beds.

We still have no Internet access at home, so am continuing to use the facilities at the library! With that in mind, all updates will be in text format for a few weeks, but we hope to get things sorted soon.

I took a stroll around the plot yesterday - amid the howling wind and rain! Normally at this time of year you don't expect to see a lot of colour from the crops, but I was delighted to see plenty of bright red Chilli's in the hanging basket. I can thoroughly recommend that you grow some of these in this manner. I've lost count of how many we've harvested from this single plant, and there is still loads more to come. The variety we chose are Cayenne. They were very easy to propogate, grow very quickly and very spicy without being too hot - if you know what i mean!

Elsewhere the crops are starting to finish. The runner beans have not really produced much this year, but plenty of pods will once again be saved for next years plantings. The Climbing French Beans (v. Blue Lake) have exceeded expectations, and surprisingly are still cropping!

Thats about it for now. Watch this space for more update. Till then,


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Matron said...

You tease us with stories of fantastic colours and bright red chillis... but with no photos! Hope you get your computer sorted soon, I'm looking forward to seeing pics again.