Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Merry Raspberry Polka !

Welcome back to Reads Retreat. Sorry for the somewhat long absence from posting, there's been quite a few changes around here of late, not least a new shift pattern at work to get used to!
As the title suggests (nicked and adapted slightly from a similar song by the Andrews Sisters), it's Raspberry planting time here at the home plot. Three of the four canes pictured planted are from the Homebase "Grow Your Own" promotion they are currently running, whilst the other is a nondescript variety purchased from Wilko's last summer. The former though, are the variety Polka, which are an Autumn fruiting type - producing their bounty on this years growth. It's a first growing effort for me, so I'm keen as always to do the necessary to get a good crop. I'll be keeping a close eye on there! I planted them close to a fence, as the fence should make a good backdrop to an impromptu "cage" as and when it's required. The idea I have in mind is that I can attach an old net curtain to the top of the fence, and simply drape it over the canes when i need to! Let's see how that idea works!

The other little job completed today was the planting of these two little Blueberry bushes. They've been kept in a frost free location for a couple of weeks, and finally have been tucked up in their new home. I made larger than required planting holes in soil, before part filling with ericaceous compost. The roots were then backfilled with the same before I covered the bed with a mulch cover. I don't want these tender two competing or struggling for moisture. I read recently in Grow your Own veg magazine that blueberries should only be watered with collected rainwater, as tap water contains Lime, which the bushes hate. High hopes for these two too.

That's about it for this little update, but I hope you will be back soon for more of our updates.

Take care all,


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