Thursday, 14 May 2009

Flower Power !

Welcome back to Reads Retreat. Sorry for lack of updates of late, but shift work is taking it's toll on my leisure time, to such an extent that we're struggling to find time to keep the home plot and the allotment going. As the title suggests, we recently got a whole load of baskets / plants underway, to brighten up the garden. This has the added benefit of attracting insects into the garden, and hopefully some Bee's too.
This beautiful bloom is a Senetti, given to us on Mothers day. This wonderfully coloured bloom is as pretty as a picture, but sadly is not doing too well in a basket which we thought it might like.

As you can see in this picture, we have gone for a mix of hanging baskets on brackets attached to the fenceposts, as well as some half baskets which have been hung on the fence panels themselves. There's a right old mixture of plants including the favourite Trailing Lobellia. In total we have five baskets and five half baskets - a lot of watering required. They've all been planted up using the compost we got from Morrison's. We'll keep you posted on their progress throughout the summer. Hopefully we will get a glorious display of colours. We even have a hanging basket on the shed, as well as 3 more in the front of the house.

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