Thursday, 7 January 2010

Crikey it's cold!

Welcome back to Reads Retreat, where like most people we are just about coping with the big freeze! We've had some pretty heavy snowfall, and are only venturing outside when we have to! Already I'm thinking I should have opened the water butt, as the whole lot is frozen solid now, and the ice has backed up the filler pipe and into the gutter. I tried to turn the tap this morning but that too is frozen. Let's hope the tank doesn't split!

I guess it's gonna be a while before we start planting! There's not really much that can be done at all, so we'll sit back and let the weather do what it wants.
By all accounts, we are quite lucky, as so far we've had no power cuts. I'm back to work in the morning, and already dreading the drive to work.
Take care all, wrap up warm and enjoy as best you can.



Anonymous said...

stay safe whilst out driving...I think it is cold everywhere at the minute (at least in the uk anyway!!)All my water butts are frozen solid...pity they weren't a little bigger...we could have gone ice

Jo said...

Hope you managed to get to work ok. It's snowing here in Leeds again at the moment. Apparently this weather is forecast for the next two weeks.

Teena in Toronto said...

Brr! You have more snow than we do.

Happy blogoversary :)