Wednesday, 18 April 2012


The chickens have settled in really well and are laying well too. Usually lay an egg each a day. However, Edie my speckeldy has decided to go broody! So last week I purchased some hatching eggs from eBay to put under her. This was done on Sunday and so far she has been sitting on them all. Hopefully we will get some that hatch and also some that are females!

Today I had a monster egg from Oma. Had one like this a few weeks ago and it was a double yolker, I guess this one will be too ! (will let you know).


eight by six said...

brilliant, nothing like fresh eggs. Hope you are all well and doing some gardening too. Amanda

allotments4you said...

Glad your chickens are laying well...I'm looking into possibly getting a bit more allotment land so that I can have some too!!