Sunday, 24 June 2007

Buried Treasures 24.06.07

Welcome to another weeks update, especially my new visitors from France and Australia, and all you Brits too!
This week I have set up a Link Exchange with "The Saunders Allotment". It's a fantastic read with bucketfuls of information. Please take a look. Thanks to B for setting this up. If you want a link with my blog, let me know and I'll see what we can do!

What a mixed week we've had.
The weather has been just about as changeable as it gets, and as I write this today, its on the back of a 4 hour downpour. We've had some gloriously hot days ( no fun when you are working) but sadly loads of rain too. The good point is that as fast as I empty the water butts, they are then refilled by the elements!
As the title suggests, we have been harvesting our First and Second Early Spuds all week, and we are enjoying the treasures nearly every day. Gently boiled and covered in butter - mmmmm very tasty.In fact as soon as I'm finished here, I'm off to dig up some more for sunday lunch. I can already smell the beef , which is slowly cooking in murphy's irish stout !
I'm also planning to harvest some Peas (v.Kelvedon Wonder) to add to the dinner, some Runner Beans and maybe a few carrots !How fresh is that !

As you can see, the B&Q buckets are proving useful !
This week I potted on my next lot of Toms ( v. Gardeners Delight), two plants to a bucket.
I've drilled plenty of holes in the bases for drainage.
Already the plants are putting on good growth, and the buckets themselves add a bit of much needed colour.

Not bad for less than a quid each, and much cheaper than an actual pot of comparable size.

Outside, the Moneymaker toms are growing at quite a rate.

Already I am pinching out the tops, as well as the side shoots.
The plants are slightly exposed to the winds here, and I am trying to keep the plants bushy. Flower buds continue to form well, and closer inspections reveal the first signs of crops - little toms not much bigger than peas !

Further garden maintenance was necessary this week.

Between the end of the raised beds and the Shed, there stood a Mock Orange which was a great home for many many blackfly. I tried various measures to rid them from the plant, but I got knowhere. Considering the close proximity to the veg, I decided it had to go. Maybe space for a new raised bed?

My hanging baskets are coming on in leaps and bounds.
They need watering at least once a day, usually in the morning before setting off for work.
The effort though, is duly rewarded with an abundance of blooms.
It's nice I think when you start to lose sight of the actual container.

3 out of 4 ain't bad ! And plenty of growing time to go.

The plot as a whole, is doing really well.

Everywhere you look, there is plenty of new growth.

The Rhubarb amazes me every time I look at it, it has simply got massive, and I plan to take some to the kitchen soon.

Rhubarb Crumble - yummy!

Final pic for today, is of this lovely Iris.

I purchased some bulbs earlier in the year from Aldi, various bags for about a quid each.

I planted them up and just forgot they were there, until I was greeted by the lovely shows that we are seeing now.

Gardening - Isn't it great.

Finally, still no news on the impending family addition. As soon as there is news, I'll let you all know.

Thanks again for your continued generous comments. It's always nice to get feedback. Talk to you all soon.


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Mum said...

Do enjoy your weekly news Gary, especially last week when you mentioned Nana and Grandad....they would have been so pleased with all your garden progress.....your hanging baskets are beautiful too.....look forward to seeing them SOON !!

Love Mum xx