Sunday, 3 June 2007

Roses grow on you ...... 3.06.07

Or so "they" say!
I've never really liked roses that much, until now that is. Last summer I found this rose ( in a far worse condition than this ) in the shade of a tree in our garden.
Following a bit of light reading and a little research, I left it till February this year, then pruned it hard - leaving about 2' of stem. I poured liquid fertilizer around the base and left it to it's own devices.
Now I am blessed with these beautiful flowers every time I step through the conservatory doors. I've been told it is v. Ruby Wedding (?), which is kind of spooky, as way before it bloomed we decided to call our daughter ( Due any day now ) Ruby !
Anyway, I guess you want to know whats happening on the plot :-

As you probably had, we had shed loads of rain at the start of this week, and only in the last few days we got the sun.
My small row of maincrop spuds (v. King Edward) have put on tremendous growth during this week. My earlies; however, took a severe battering from the constant heavy rain. Now with a few days of sunshine they too are recovering well, standing proud with their first show of blossom.
I had to cut a good few stems of foliage out as the dreaded blackfly had returned with a vengeance! Last Sunday evening I had a bonfire to burn away a Mock Orange near the raised beds, that was also plastered in Blackfly. Touch wood I've been okay since. I'm now constantly checking for these pests, and spray occasionally with a solution of Fairy Liquid, to keep the blighters at bay.

My raised beds continue to amaze me!
I've pulled the Radish now which were great, although some had spoiled by not being picked soon enough ( there's a lesson there ),
and the remaining Carrot's, Garlic, Shallots, Parsnips, and Beet are coming on well. I'm planning to plant more carrots this week, and I've also thinned out the Betroot (v. Boltardy) giving it room to grow.

The rest of the crops are all doing well, putting on new growth.
The runner beans / climbing french beans are just fine, with minuscule pods starting to form.
As you'll see later the hanging baskets plants are growing rapidly, and there's a steady stream of bee's around the plants and crops alike.
I'm at the stage now when I'm pinching the tips out of the runner beans - that's how tall they are !

Away from the raised beds, the tom's are doing really well.
There seems to be no difference in growth rates to the one ones in buckets vs. the one in the brick trough.
There's a few small flowers on each of the plants, so the fruits will be starting to set soon!
I've also got a Fuschia growing in a pot nearby to attract more bee's as well as a lovely Lavender in the background. I'm hopeful of a good crop this year.

As if I've not got enough tom's growing already !
Today I potted on some seedlings (v. Gardeners Delight) as they are growing at quite a rate.
At this rate I'll be giving some away ! Don't think I can eat that many, although I know a certain tigger who can much toms for england !
Elsewhere in the garden, there is plenty of colour arriving :

My hanging baskets are doing really well.
I know you can buy them "ready-made" but that just takes the fun out of it .

Over the coming weeks, I hope to bring you a bit more info of whats being planted and what's been harvested.

Thanks again for all your kind comments. Please leave comments here as my email inbox is filling up at quite a rate!

Hope to see you here again soon !

T T F N.

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