Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Better late than never ! 07.08.07

Honestly, I don't know where the time goes !

Darling Ruby was six weeks old yesterday - crikey ! Just glad that I've got shed loads of photo's!

The garden continues to flourish , against the odds of the weather.

We have had several large picking of young tender runner beans, which have gone down a treat, and we are currently about halfway through our row of maincrop spuds (v. King Edward), which have cropped far more than I thought they would - considering how small the row was to start with.

My FIL has ordered some winter spuds and will share the tubers with me. We are going to try to plant them to harvest on Christmas day. Wouldn't that be a treat!

The Curly Kale seedlings I had in the conservatory were doing miserably - which was a tad disappointing, but I have now transferred the seedlings to the table top on my patio, where they are beginning to flourish. I'm trying really hard to get these to grow on, as they will supply a wholesome greens crop through the winter months.

Sunday I planted some cabbage seeds indoors in a propagator, (v January King 3 Savoy ) which I hope will germinate quickly to be planted out later in the month. This variety is apparently not only a good cropper, but very hardy too. We'll have to see, I've not grown cabbages before!

Outdoor tomatoes (v. Moneymaker) are bearing large trusses of fruit, which are now beginning to redden up for picking. This despite all the stems collapsing in the recent bad weather. I reckoned I had nothing to lose by leaving them in place ( broken stems and all ) and now i'm seeing the benefit.

We had Rhubarb crumble on Sunday, with rhubarb straight from the garden (v. Timperley Early). I read that you should not pick it in the first year, this was our second picking and the plant still looks great. You cant always go by what you read in books, half the fun of gardening ( in my opinion ) is trying things for yourself! Next year I will plant another crown or 2 alongside, and hope we get larger crops year on year.

Next seed planting will be Brussel Sprouts, which I hope I'm not too late to grow!

Hope you will all come back soon for my next update, scheduled for 12th August.

Until then, enjoy your garden, and all the time you spend in it!


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TopVeg said...


Planting potatoes all through the year is quite interesting. We planted some chitted sees 4 weeks ago and they have grown like mad- they will be ready for Michelmas!