Monday, 30 July 2007

Here comes the sun ! 29.07.07

Watch out watch out - there's sunshine about.
A quick visit to the met office weather site and it all looks kind of nice. After the recent deluges of recent days and weeks, the sun has finally got its hat on! Maybe now we can enjoy some good growing weather and get our gardens shipshape? I don't know about your plot, my mine is in need of some help.
Sorry about the picture quality here ! Its a bit difficult to get a good shot on my phones camera when staring into the sun!
The runner beans are looking good with a plentiful supply of beans just around the corner. Growth rate has been steady throughout the wet weather, and with the sun on its way, we should reap the reward very soon.
Mozzies are a constant problem here, making harvesting a nightmare!.

Wow - look at this lot !
My maincrop spuds are ready to eat - we had a roast dinner today with spuds straight from the garden. No food miles here !
We will dig up as we need them, as they should be ok in the ground for a little while longer.
I'm just glad we have not been struck by blight, as so many fellow gardeners report that they have been. We've been fairly lucky with the weather, not half as bad as some in the uk.

As reported last week, the toms (v. Moneymaker ) have all but collapsed during the recent winds / gales !
The plant are bearing large amounts of fruits, and although most main stems are now broken in half, I plan to leave them in place and hope the sun will ripen them off.
Failing that, I'll be making bucket loads of green tomato chutney!
This variety is definitely a heavy crop plant, but needs a bit more shelter than I was able to provide.
Which variety shall I grow next year ?

The toms in the conservatory, (v. Gardeners Delight), are doing really well.
I've cut the tops out on several occasions, to try and maintain them at about 4' tall.
Already there are large stems of flowers on each plant, and there 2 plants per bucket. I will top them up with fresh compost , and then begin a feeding regime to get the toms growing on.

I almost forgot these!
I planted these Leeks as a bit of an experiment, and just left them to it!
They have grown on really well - I guess they like the wet weather ?

And so to the peas. This second sowing ( v. Kelvedon Wonder ) are growing at a pretty good rate, reaching out for the canes and netting support in all directions.
About half of the seeds I planted are growing on nicely , which is not a bad success rate in my book!
We just need some weeks of sunshine to help them on. Not too much to ask for - is it ?

And finally for today, my poor Curly Kale.
Its not doing too well, so i might just chance it and plant out the seedlings, and then see what happens.

Thats another week gone, and Ruby another week older!
Time is flying by!

I hope you are coping with the weather, and managing to enjoy your gardens. I hope you have enjoyed this update, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.


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TopVeg said...

Great site!
Mozzies are a new problem for us this year - enough to drive one inside. How do you cope?