Monday, 17 September 2007

Finally - some rain. 16.09.07

Welcome once again to my veg plot diary. I hope you find it a useful and interesting resource.

Well we certainly waited long enough, but the reward was some rain. Not only replenishing the soil moisture, but much needed liquid in the water butts. We're not talking floods yet, but any rain after a prolonged dry spell was very welcome.
Its just as well that the water butts were cleaned out last week, with some hot water scrubbing and some fairy liquid.

I've had a busy week, but still managed to keep things going on the plot:
The Christmas spuds (v. Maris Piper) that were planted just 2 weeks ago, have put on tremendous growth, which is encouraging considering the time of year and the weather we have been getting.
At the first sign of frost, remember to water the leaves before the sun gets on them. This will prevent any damage occurring to the plants. Frost only becomes a problem when there is a sudden shift in temperature from cold to hot. Simply spraying the leaves makes this temperature transition much slower and nine times out of ten does the trick.
I'm still intending ( time permitting) to plant some more seeds. I have a spare part of the plot full of home made compost which will be home to the second planting.

As you can see, there's good and bad news with the Curly Leaf Kale ( v. Frosty), the plants have put on some good growth, but the plants seem to have been got at. I've not grown Brassica family veg before, but I'm guessing this is the work of cabbage white's and their larvae, and I would appreciate any advice on how to treat this.
It seems a shame that the whole crop is affected, especially as its a first attempt at growing.
Let me know if you have a cure in your back pocket !

As you can see in this pic, the runner beans continue to flourish.
In the last week or so, it's been a delight to give a few pounds of these away to leaving relatives, namely Ann & Mum. It's great to be able to give veg away - all part of the fun of growing your own.
A lot of the runners are now going to seed, and these are being harvested / stored ready for next years growing trials! Further, a few of you have requested some of my collected seeds for your own plots. Obviously I wont charge for the seeds, but would appreciate a pound or two to cover post and packing, using the paypal link on the blog. I'll send seeds out once thoroughly dried, in quantities of 25 each, as soon as available, and well in time for next years growing. Stocks are limited though, so its first come first served !

My first Rhubarb ( v. Timperley Early ) has been a great investment this year, filling a border space and providing some great fruit.
Unfortunately, it appears that whatever is munching the Kale is attacking this plant too.
Several large holes have appeared in the leaves, tho' the plant does seem largely unaffected.
I will be planting further crowns next year, as we have thoroughly enjoyed the crop this year. I was told not to harvest in the first year in fear of weakening the plant, but it looks presently like we have been ok.

This area of the garden / patio is now looking a bit tired. The yield from the toms in the foreground ( v. Moneymaker ) is finally in decline, and I can now start to clear these away.
In the past I have composted the old plants but won't be doing this anymore - due to the number of self seeded toms plants that have sprung up around the garden, in the borders etc..
Its been a better than expected crop, with some lovely tasting fruits. The climber on the fence ; by the way, appeared through the fence, and was simply draped along the fence panels!

A final glance back at the plot, reminding me of how much I've completed this year, as well how much there is still to do.
The main job I want to tackle in the autumn is to define a pathway between the fence and the beds, to enable easier access to the raised beds, as well as to define a border to plant up with shrubs etc.
Thanks to you all for coming back to see me and read my diary.
I look forward to your next visit.


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