Sunday, 23 September 2007

Shorter & Colder Days 23.09.07

Welcome to my veg plot update:

It seems Autumn is finally upon us, with a drop in temperature, and those evenings where it's dark by 8 o'clock.
Plenty to do in the garden, but struggling now to find the time. There are ; however, a few snippets to update you on:
As you can see, my first row of Christmas spuds (v. Maris Piper ) are doing really well.
These were planted just 3 weeks ago.
I've yet to plant the rest out - maybe I will do that today ?
I've got 2 beds available for further planting, one of which was home to the outdoor tomato crop (v. Moneymaker ) which have all but finished cropping.
Yet again it looks like there'll be plenty of green tomato chutney this Christmas.

My Curly Leaf Kale (v. Frosty) is still growing at a tremendous rate, though I am concerned about the leaf damage. I'm hoping this will reduce in the coming weeks as the temperature drops off a bit, and combine that with cutting out the affected leaves, there may be a chance of getting good crop.

My Runner beans are still producing a good weekly crop of tasty beans, but as the temperatures drop off in the next couple of weeks, I will leave them to go to seed.
I've many enquiries about supplying seed to other growers, which i am more than happy to do.
As soon as they have dried sufficiently, I will wrap and post them out.
Let me know if you want any - I'm only going to charge for the postage and packing ( I'm not a Charity ! ) , and will send seeds in multiples of 25. If you want a larger amount let me know.

My trial crop of leeks are doing well, and will soon be ready for the table.
I'm really pleased with this crop and will be planting a lot more next year.
Can anyone recommend a good variety ?

Not sure whats gone on here ! I did have a couple of rows of Beetroot seedlings but they seem to have vanished !
Probably birds or mice or combination of both took a liking to the fresh salad type leaves!

Thats about it for this week ! Hope you have enjoyed the little update. I look forward to seeing you again next Sunday.



TopVeg said...

Good to see the Christmas spuds growing well. Sorry about the beetroot. I was talking to a 90 yr old gardener who said that birds, particularly sparrows, are much more of a problem now than they used to be. For the last couple of years he has had to cover his seeds up, if he wanted to keep them.

TopVeg said...

Just wanted to say that I have tagged you for a funny, random and weird fact. Hope you don’t mind.