Monday, 29 October 2007

Well Read at Reads ! 28.10.07

Unable as I was to get much done in the garden last week, due to a severe chest / viral infection, I thought I would instead share with you all whats on my book shelf.

I buy my gardening books mainly from Car Boot Sales and charity shops, and have found many a good tome for a bargain price. Of the books I have collected so far, I think I have spent less than £20 all told, and that includes 1 Brand New book. The list therefore, starts with that one :

  1. Grow your own veg - Carol Klein. This BBC book that accompanied the series, is much better than the series in terms of both presentation and information. It is easy to read, and now well thumbed. A really great reference book that I would not want to be without. ISBN# 978-1-84533-293-8.
  2. In your Garden - Percy Thrower. A week by week guide to growing throughout the year. ISBN # 0-600-34840-7. Not sure if still in print but worth finding!
  3. In your Greenhouse - Percy Thrower. My edition is 1964 Version, with no ISBN number. A great read though, saw one recently in an Oxfam bookstore.
  4. The big Book of Gardening - Charles Boff. This book published by Odhams, was my first gardening book, and is now well thumbed. A valuable reference book that I just keep going back to. No ISBN number.
  5. Practical Small Gardening - Peter McHoy. Found this tome at a car boot sale (like a lot of my books ) and found it useful for planning patio container plantings. ISBN# 1-901289-11-7.
  6. The Complete book of Greenhouse Gardening - Marshall Cavendish of London. An encyclopedia of information. Some far more detailed info than i need, but still a great book. ISBN# 0-85685-089-6.
  7. The Practical Garden Encyclopedia - Professor Alan Gemmell. Another great resource - written in laymans terms so even i can fully understand it! ISBN# 0-907812-69-4.
  8. The Garden Expert - Dr Hessayon. ISBN# 0-903505-22-3
  9. The Bio Friendly Gardening Guide - Dr Hessayon.ISBN# 0-903505-33-9
  10. The Houseplant Expert - Dr Hessayon.ISBN# 0-903505-35-5.
  11. Bonsai - Colin Lewis. A great introduction to this technique. Inspiring. ISBN# 1-84065-283-7.
  12. Colourful Containers - Richard Bird. As it says ! ISBN# 0-7063-7493-2.
  13. Flowers in Britain - L J F Brimble. My book printed 1947 so no ISBN number. A very good reference none the less.
  14. The Amateurs Greenhouse - T W Sanders. Mine the 3rd edition, and again no ISBN# .
  15. The Ideal Gardening Book - Dean & Son. No print date or ISBN, but a lovely tome.
That really is about it. I'm always on the lookout for more, so if you know a good one, please let me know. Hopefully next week there will be more to update you on from the garden.

Till then, hope you all have a great week.


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