Sunday, 7 October 2007

Tomato Harvest 07.10.07

Welcome back to the Reads Retreat blog.

Sorry I missed you all last week, but it was a kind of hectic weekend - the type you really dont want to happen too often. Many thanks to Kev & Fred, for making sure we all got home - We would have been stuck without you.

Today saw the final harvest of my Moneymaker toms. The brick trough has been cleared out and replanted with more winter growing New Potato's (v Maris Piper).
The toms were initially planted as seed on 22.03.07, and were grown on in the conservatory before they were planted out 18.04.07. We've had an abundance of toms all summer - a never ending supply on the kitchen windowsill ! But this is the last of them. I'm looking forward to next spring already !

The bed here that has been vacated by the moneymaker toms, is now home to 4 more chitted seed pots. that I'm hoping will grow and mature in time for the festive lunches.
This is the second planting of the same variety, with the third planting over in the raised beds.
They all chitted extremely well, giving them a good start in the ground. Fingers crossed on this little lot - I'll keep you posted.

This bed shows the great growth from the first set of winter spuds, that were planted out just a few weeks ago.
They are not all faring that well, but the growth is still encouraging given the lateness of the growing season.
I've left them largely to their own devices since planting, and have only watered them sporadically.

The Kurly Leaf Kale was in a desperate state this morning.
The majority of the large leaves had been thoroughly ruined by the caterpillars. All affected leaves have now been cut off, and all plants well watered with a fairy liquid solution, which will hopefully deter the little blighter's.
I just hope this little lot survive, I'm really looking forward to harvesting this crop later in the year, for some lovely greens mmmmm.

And just when you think it's time to clear the runner bean bed, you look out the window and see a profusion of Red budded flowers .
Where did they come from ?
It looks like we'll be enjoying these treats ( as we did today ) for a few more weeks yet !
As for harvesting seed, I've collected approx 200 already, and can see me easily harvesting the same amount again. Therefore, let me know if you want some ! First come - first served basis !

That's about it for this weeks update. Hope to see you soon.



Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to make sure you all got home safly ! good blog as usual. xxxxxxxxxxxx k & d

TopVeg said...

Our runner beans are having a second wind, too. Good to see your progress. Hope the kale has recovered!