Sunday, 8 April 2007

Happy Easter everyone 8.04.07

As you can see, there's plenty going on in the raised beds!
Spuds have been planted through the holes in the black plastic, and I'm just waiting for signs of growth. Only been in there a week so can't expect too much just yet.
Runner beans and French climbing beans have also been in there for a week, and with the unseasonally hot weather, are growing at quite a rate. The broad beans in the far bed are well established now, and were fed yesterday with a 5/5/5 liquid feed (normally reserved for Toms) to help them on their way. Plenty of other activity in the far bed includes planting of Garlic, Shallots and Carrots.

Although I have been growing some Rhubarb from seed, a shop bought root found its way into my border yesterday, as the seeds are not growing at such a good rate. This "Timperley Early" should get big enough to crop later in the year. The receiving ground was well dug, and the plant repotted with a good layer of MP compost.

The plot has been extended as you can see to provide a further small row plot for my maincrop spuds. These will be planted out late April for late summer / early autumn harvest. They will be planted in the traditional trench method ( earthing up ) to compare growth rates with the earlies planted under the plastic (no earthing up).

Finally, a top tip for all you recyclers ! These empty drink bottles rattle in the wind and scare the birds away from my tender seedlings !

Hope you all have a great day. Don't eat too much chocolate !


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