Sunday, 1 April 2007

Timing it right ? 1.04.07

So when is the right time to transfer your lovingly cared for indoor grown seeds to the plot? I took a gamble - figuring today is the right day - for me anyway.
It's very mild in this neck of the woods, and so far we've had only 2 frosts, and only one of those was very cold ! Last spring we had two frosts - and that was it. These strong runners were planted 3 weeks ago in toilet roll inners ( bit of an experiment for me ) and they've come on very strong. They've been hardened off overnight outside for a few days, and look good on it. I simply am amazed at the length of the roots protruding from the bottom of each tube, and so with pure excitement welling up inside, I planted them out.
Also planted today were 2 rows of shallot sets. Variety was Red Sun, a mild variety and a good cropper. Other planting included my "Irene" French climbing beans, and my early spuds: Rocket - First Earlies, and Nicola - Second Earlies. With the spud planting this year, I've opted for the "Carol Klein method", planting through holes in black plastic hoping to negate the need for earthing up - I guess we'll see.
My garlic sets I planted out 2 weeks ago are doing really well, and I appear to have some carrots coming up - Early Nantes - that I planted between the garlic rows. Thats about it for this week. Watch this space for more news from my garden plot : Reads Retreat.

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