Sunday, 6 May 2007

Crikey! - It's May Already 6.05.07

Where does it all go - Tempus Fugit as Grandad used to say.
I've had a busy week, juggling the garden around working night shifts, but still managed to get quite a bit done.
The veg plot is looking great, a true reward for all the graft that has been put in - someone once said "you only get out what you put in" and how true that is.
As you can clearly see, the careful nurturing of the spud bed is very rewarding. It's quite hard now to direct the watering can at the holes in the plastic, as I can only just find them! The plants are looking very healthy, and now stand approx 8 - 10 inches tall.
I'm glad I used a marker pen to write on the boards the varieties as any plant labels would now be lost !

Did I tell you, my nickname is Spud - re-christened by my mum as i used to raid the spud rack in the larder many moons ago!

This bed is filling up nicely too.
The shallotts are doing very well judging by the top growth, as are the radish rows and the carrots. The Beetroot row between the radishes is putting on good growth, and my second row of Early Nantes carrots are steadily coming on.
The Parsnips seem to be taking a bit longer to get established. Is that because I started them in toilet roll inners ? We'll have to wait and see. Andrex have a lot to answer for!

The Broad Bean growth just amazes me every day, with both new flowers and vertical growth clearly visible on a daily basis.
I plan to pinch out the growing tips soon to promote the development of the beans, but we are still early in the season, so while they want to get taller - I think I'll let them carry on a bit.
I planted climbing French Beans around the Broad Beans and they are now just climbing above, so I should get 2 crops from the one bed! Hopefully.

Aaaah bless ! My little Pea patch ! I just love the way they reach out their "arms" ! and hang on to the supprt sticks. I've not grown these before, and have only allowed for a small crop. Maybe I will plant more - If i can find the room.

I've mentioned before that I mark the runner bean canes with a marker pen to get a measure on new growth each week. This particular cane has the least associated growth - a whopping 9" !
Closer inspection of the plants reveals the setting of small flower buds all over the place, so hopefully the combination of my early planting and the recent spell of good weather ( long may it continue ) will result in some early crops.
You cant beat that fresh picked taste. I know a certain Tigger is just waiting to munch on the crop!

In my post last week I mentioned my Pumpkin has been planted on into an individual pot, I was greeted this morning by the lovely flower you see. I have also planted my other 2 p-kins into a neighbouring pot, one of which also flowered yesterday.
The plan is to remove any other flowers that form, to channel all the plants energy into setting single fruits, which can then be lovingly cared for, prior to hacking them to bits for halloween !

Elswhere in the garden, I've got a fair few things done:
The Fence panel that was flapping in the breeze has been sorted - by putting in a brace.

Not the best solution but by far the cheapest ( i.e. free ) and should be sufficient to get me through the summer.
With the baby ( Due 22nd June ish ) on the way, I'm watching my pennies !Watching them; that is, fly out the door !

Instant gardening took hold yesterday ! A couple of hanging baskets to provie some much needed colour! I've hung these brackets / baskets on the fence posts as I had nowhere else to put them. The rear aspect of the house at ground level is all UPVC double glazing, so there is no wall space. Hopefully these will be ok. I love planting them up - it's the only time we can really squeeze plants together and know we'll be ok. I love the trailing Lobelia when it gets going. I've planted one in Red, White, and Blue, whilst the second is Yellow, White and Blue. Rhubarb is going well too!

My maincrop spuds King Edward have been in the ground for just a week now, so no growth to report from there.
Other things that have taken up my time include :
Sowing of my Gardeners Delight Toms, potting on of Forget me not, Chilli's Winter Warmer and Courgette.
I've also taken some time on tidying up some of our many patio containers, before giving them a fresh top dressing of fertilizer enriched compost. Makes them look neat and gives them a boost too !

Even managed a trip to B&Q in the week. We wanted some sturdy pots to grow our Toms in. There's a plethora of outlets selling an even greater varieties of pots for a couple of quid upwards each, but instead we opted for Bright Orange B&Q Buckets at 98p each. These will also adda bit of colour on the patio. I simply drilled holes in the base for drainage, and by leaving the handles attached, we will be able to move them fairly easily, even when filled with soil.

That's about it for this week. I hope you continue to find this blog informative and interesting. Don't forget to bookmark the page and come back soon.
Thanks too for all the lovely emails and comments.

See you soon,


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