Monday, 28 May 2007

Toothache - ouch !!! 27.05.07

Well what a week that was, hot and sunny to cold and wet, and 3 days of severe toothache.
I'm on the mend now thanks to some emergency dental work today. As if that wasn't enough, I also had to call Roadside assistance when the car failed to start - flat battery syndrome!
The week started well enough with a trip to the local garden centre.
Heading straight to the "Hospital" rack ( can't resist a bargain), we picked up this small haul for under a tenner:
1 x Zinnia, 4 x Dahlia, 1 x Geranium, and 3 x trailing petunias in a plastic hanger !The petunias went into the hanging baskets and freed up the hanger for another desrving plant. The rest went into various beds/pots around the garden.

Sadly, my Broad Beans had to be removed from the raised beds on Tuesday, following the discovery of blackened stems and an ants nest at the base of the plants.
Luckily, I had planted some companion runner & french climbing beans which have survived the infestation, and the plot is therefore not completely bare.
It's not full either! Time to put my thinking cap on. Any ideas what I can add ?

On the other hand, the changeable weather has done some good.
My row of Maincrop spuds are doing really well, putting on tremendous growth this week.
I'm beginning to wonder already if I have left them enough room to flourish ? I guess I wont know for sure until I start earthing them up. That reminds me, I need to buy more gen purpose compost to do this.

Mind you , I'm gonna need a shed load of compost to fill / top dress my new raised bed.
I've taken the easy "weed kill" option as you can see, and will use the contents of one of my composters to form the base layer, and then the GC compost on the top.

I'm planning on planting this bed with winter greens, sprouts , cauliflowers etc.

Elsewhere on the plot, things are going well.
The shallots look great, as do the carrots and garlic.

This is my favourite plot, just because it looks so good.

Further planting of carrots and beet are planned for next week, along with some mixed salad leaves. So much to do, so little time!

And finally, a chance to stand back and admire the plot.

I've not done half of what I planned this week, but it still seems like progress has been made.

Ruby is due 22nd June, so there's plenty to keep me occupied.
Thanks for all your kind comments and feedback on my blog.

I'm glad you all like it. See you all next week.


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gaz your garden looks better than when you moved in ?????