Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Fresh Garlic 03.07.07

Yesterday I found the time to check the Met Office weather forecast (one of my links ! ) and lucky i did too! With the forecast of a deluge of rain I decided to lift some Garlic from the plot.
The 12 cloves I dug up were a welcome sight, and ranged in size from 3/4" Diameter up to about 2" . As you can see, the foliage had started to yellow so they would have been harvested soon anyway.
The aroma that now fills my conservatory is gorgeous, and it's all I can do to not try them just yet, rather leave them time to dry out, before plaiting and hanging them in the shed. At same time a few carrots were disturbed so dug those up too! I've still another 12 garlic plants to harvest - if they have survived the rain - and boy did we get some!

I also managed to complete another small job today - erecting some netting to support my latest sowing of Peas (v. Kelvedon Wonder) which are already germinating and starting to grow through the mulch fabric.
I've added the bottles to the canes in the hope that having them rattling in the wind will deter the birds? It worked when I sowed the runner beans earlier in the year, so hopefully I will be okay.

My next job is to source some seeds / plug plants of winter cabbage, which will be planted in this same bed, along with the Curly Kale mentioned previously.
Time doesn't stand still in the garden. I take great inspiration from the RHS Harlow Carr (Check my links) site, whereby I try to use the available space to it's best advantage, keeping something growing throughout the year.

Thats all for now. See you all soon.


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