Thursday, 24 January 2008

It's a fair cop ! 24.01.08

Today folks, I went out and bought a sack of spuds!
It's hard not to though, when you get 25Kg of Whites for £4.90! As I stated in a previous post, I will only be growing earlies this summer, and am hopeful to get some seed potato's tomorrow. I will be growing v.Nicola as well as v.Rocket, and will probably try growing them in large pots this year, As I am planning some interesting crops for my raised beds.
For your reference, the Nicola variety have a creamy yellowy colouring, and are great for all the salad days ahead.

My hand went further into my pocket today, as I purchased some Kohl Rabi and some French Bean "v.Blue Lake" seeds. This, I know, will be the first of many trips to the local gardening centre "to have a look round", so I must try and leave my wallet at home!

That's about it for now, come back soon to read all my plans. Don't forget you can pick up some of my Runner Bean Seeds - I'm selling a mixed bag of 30 seeds for £2.00 incl. UK postage. Drop me a line if you want some ? Or you can use the Paypal donate button on the main page, and leave your details with your payment.

Finally, a word of thanks to all my readers - both regulars and newcomers. With your continued interest, my site is now listed in the "Top 100" Gardening sites, as detailed on the main page. Who knows, maybe I will eventually get to the top spot ?


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