Sunday, 27 January 2008

What's growing this year ? 27.01.08

Welcome once again to my blog update, albeit a bit late in the day!

Planning for my raised bed plantings is well under way, and most of what I need / want has already been purchased. Todays update is really to let you know the veg varieties I'm planning on growing this season. If you see something on the list and think you can recommend a different variety, I would be only too pleased to hear from you. I'll split the list into 3 parts:
  • What's already growing
  • Seeds in stock
  • Still to buy
Whats Already Growing ?

Regular blog readers will know the answer already, but for those of you who have just stumbled upon the site or found me in a search engine:
  1. Garlic (v. Fokyhama )
  2. Broad Beans ( v. Bunyard Exhibition )
  3. Leeks(v. Musselburgh )
  4. Chives
  5. Parsnips (v. Hollow Crown )
  6. Chili ( v. Winter Warmer ) - Indoor plant.
  7. Rhubarb (v. Timperley Early )
Seeds in stock :
  1. Climbing French Bean (v. Blue Lake )
  2. Kohl Rabi ( Delikatess White )
  3. Carrot (v. Early Nantes )
  4. Cauliflower (v. All year Round )
  5. Pea (v. Kelvedon Wonder )
  6. Lettuce (v. Salad Bowl Mixed )
  7. Brussel Sprout (v. Evesham Special )
  8. Carrot (v. Autumn King 2 )
  9. Cucumber (v. Marketmore )
  10. Radish (v. Scarlet Globe )
  11. Basil (v. Dark Opal )
  12. Courgette (v. All Green Bush )
  13. Parsnip (v. Hollow Crown )
  14. Tomato (v. Gardeners Delight )
  15. Spring Onion (v. White Lisbon )
  16. Onion ( v. Bedfordshire Champion )
  17. Carrot (v. Flyaway F1)
  18. Leek (v. Musselburgh )
  19. Cabbage (v. Golden Ace/Primo (2) )
  20. Chives
  21. Runner Beans (v. Mixed ) Harvested from plot. Some still for sale !
  22. Garlic (v. Fokyhama ) from last season.
Still to buy:
  1. Seed potato's (v. Nicola and/or Rocket )
  2. Swiss Chard
  3. Florence Fennel
  4. Dill
  5. Squash ?
  6. Onion Sets ( v. Stuttgarter )
  7. Plus ???? There's bound to be something I've forgotten !!!
So there you have it. A fair challenge I think you'll agree. So what now I hear you ask ? Well, why not join me for my weekly updates to see what I'm planting and when.
I will share my planting techniques in plain terms, so that you can plant at the same time if you wish, together with regular updates on getting the most from your plot ( mine is half the back garden by the way ) and how to deal with the potential pests and diseases as they come along. There will also be a good deal of seasoned tips along the way, and my latest idea - which will start on 3rd February, will be my "Website of the week ".

I look forward to welcoming you back to Reads Retreat very soon.

Till then,


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Matron said...

Good choice of varieties! I grew rocket potatoes last year, they really are 'ultra early' I got my first spuds weeks before the others! Look forward to reading more from you.