Thursday, 17 January 2008

Preperation time ! 21.01.08

Welcome back to a belated update of whats happening at READS RETREAT.

As reported at the tail end of last year, there's not an awful lot happening on the plot right now, but there is plenty happening with regard to planning.
Plot first:
As you can clearly see, the Broad Beans I planted about a month before Christmas have put on a lot of growth. I must admit they've been left well alone by me, and until recently, only had my remaining Leeks for company.
I thought I planted 12 but there's 13 shoots ! My mistake I guess.
The Leeks are holding out well, and can be left in situ for at least 2 more months yet, no hurry to pull them up.

Elsewhere on the plot, my winter planting of Garlic has surprised me . Again, About a dozen 1" shoots have now appeared, where I thought I had lost the lot. This despite several sources telling me the garlic would survive, until you try you don't know for yourself !

As always, this is the time of year when time is well spent browsing through seed catalogues, visiting your local garden centre, and working out what you are going to spend and on what. If this is your first year of growing veg, you'll find it very tempting to buy a bit of everything. If however you are a seasoned grower, you will know that money is only well spent if you grow what you can fit on your plot. There's nothing more soul destroying than over buying when there's no chance of growing the seeds.
Think about what you really want to grow vs. what is easily available at the grocer's store.

I intend to grow more of New Potato's , but only one variety. Although last years maincrop was also a success, these are plentiful locally. Check back here next week for a full list of my planned crops ( then check weekly in the growing season to see what I add / forget ) !

As a final note, a little tip for you all. Dont buy drip trays for your seed trays, that cost way too much! Instead get yourself down to Poundland to buy some of these cat litter trays for just a quid each. Each one should hold 2 standard size seed trays with room to spare, saving you a few quid to spend else where. Buy different colours too to help you identify whats growing where !
Seems they come with a free fly swat !

Thats about it for today. Nice to see you keep coming back. Please leave your comments.


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Matron said...

A great tip about the cat litter trays! wonderful thank you! Which new potato variety are you planting this year?