Sunday, 20 July 2008

Fokyhama ! 20.07.08

Welcome back to Reads Retreat. Many apologies for what may seem like a long time away, its seems like ages since my last update.
You may remember that I was praying for rain. Well, my prayers have been well and truly answered.
So much so in fact, that my overwintered Garlic crop had started to rot in the soil. This lot were dug up in the last week, and laid out for drying in the sun, before being put away into store in a cool and airy place. 16 Bulbs in all, from my original purchase of 3 cloves just 2 seasons ago. Its an amazing crop to grow, it does nothing all winter, then all of a sudden springs into action. This lot will easily last us the rest of the year ( only just finished using last years crop - and we eat a lot of it ! ) and will also provide seed cloves for planting out this December.
I couldn't resist the title - quite fitting really as I put my back out on Thursday last week ( its also the variety of the Garlic ! ), and now resemble a very old man trying to get around the house. I managed a quick foray into the garden today, but could only manage a few steps. Valium is wonderful stuff, but I'd rather have my fitness.
Lucky for me then i have Secret Squirrell to help me out. Behind every great man, and all that .
Hopefully my back will improve over the next few days, enough maybe to let me photograph the plot and bring you up to date.

I've missed you all and your comments too, but I'm back to stay now.
Let me know how your plots are going - always nice to get reports from fellow bloggers.

Finally, a warm welcome to Rowan, who entered the world on 12th July 08 at 12.40am, a gorgeous son to my Niece's family - Love and best Wishes to Claire & Laurence, Charlie & Alicia.

Happy Birthday Justin 21 Again!

I'll be back soon. Till then,


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