Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Successional spuds 22.07.08

Here we are again at Reads Retreat - Welcome back.
Updates are coming thick and fast - can you keep up ?
This year we decided to grow our first and second early spuds in containers, thus freeing up more space in the raised beds. Spuds do take up a lot of room once established, so this had to be worth a try. Double click on the pic and it will enlarge to show more detail. Overall, this method is proving quite successful. The yield from each "pot" has been slightly lower than we would have liked, but maybe that's my fault for putting 2 tubers in each pot. That said though, the bonus of growing this way is that as soon as the spuds have been harvested, the containers can then be refilled and re planted, which so far has meant a continuous harvest of new potatoes. I've got 2 tubers left to plant up, which i will plant individually to maximise the yield at this late stage in the growing season - these are early varieties after all. The more observant amongst you will notice the 2 buckets in the foreground are temporary home to fruit bushes that i brought from Wilkinson's. They have taken a very long time to get established, but are finally flourishing. The one on the left is Raspberry and the one on the right Blackcurrant. We're not expecting any fruit this year, but you never know!
We also bought 2 Gooseberry bushes from Wilkinson's, i laughed because the varieties were labelled as "Red" and "Green". Percy Thrower would turn in his grave! The green variety failed to grow, but this Red variety is now well established and putting on good regular growth. Occasional feeding and plenty of water seems to be doing the trick. I'm going to plant a couple more next year in the same bed, and hope these fruit bushes will provide a tasty barrier between the patio and the garden. As usual, you'll have to watch this space. I did wonder whether i could take cuttings from this plant - let me know what you think.

There's still more to come - so much to tell you all about, but that's it for today. I look forward to welcoming you all back soon.
Take care all and enjoy your gardens.


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