Sunday, 15 November 2009

Grandad's Plant Labels

Welcome back to Reads Retreat.
The weather is improving somewhat, we now have all the ground floor windows open, and the sun is shining through. It feels quite warm to boot!

I was just "pottering" in the conservatory, and stumbled across a jam jar full of plant labels, that I inherited and stored away for posterity.

I thought it would be lovely to "re-create" some of the fine flower displays that Grandad always had in his gardens, and so to the labels - a great place to start:

  • Tulip v.Lily
  • Hardy Annuals
  • Clarkia
  • Chrysanthemum v. Allouise / Garden Bloom
  • Chrysanthemum v. Tone Gambol
  • Arcadia Gold
  • Hollyhock v. King Alfred
  • French Marigold v. Ballet Girl
  • Geranium v.Trull's Hatch ? (half a doz. of these labels)
  • Silverdale
  • Orange Beauty
  • Swan River Daisy
  • Salvia's Pink
  • Sedum Acre
  • Morning Glory v. Madeleine Queen
  • Pansy - Imperial Antique shades
  • Aquilegia v. McKana's Giant Mixed
If you can help in identifying any of these plants / names, it would be appreciated. Info on stockists etc also much appreciated. I'm off to surf the net now too see what i can find!

That's it for now.

Take care and enjoy your gardens.



Anonymous said...

Well I know a few...but I'm sure they are the one's you already know...the rest I would love to see pics. of if you find out what they are!!

Sue said...

What a neat glimpse into your family's history. This would be kind of a neat garden. Good luck with your research!

Gary Jen and Ruby said...

Hi Tanya / Sue,

Thanks for your comments.

Looking forward to persuing this idea to fruition.


The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

I certainly recognize McKenna hybrids as the aquilegia I grow, and lovely they are too, look forward to hearing what your research reveals - I would have loved to have some of my grandad's plant labels!

Gary Jen and Ruby said...

Thanks for the info.
Research still ongoing, but getting somewhere at last!