Monday, 5 April 2010

Belated Update from 24th March! (sorry!)

Welcome back to Reads Retreat, for a somewhat delayed update. We have had a frantic week, but we managed to spend some time on the 24th to ready the garden for Mum's visit. Sadly the weather didn't join us too, but it's amazing just how much you can accomplish in just a few hours. Up until today, the patio table was storage space for everything and anything, and even now still needs further sorting! Just need some decent weather in which to potter about in !

One key job accomplished today was the planting of some second earlies spuds. We chose to plant Nadine in the raised beds based on he fact that we have 30 tubers of First Earlies already planted up at the plot, and fearing the fact that we might not get a lot more in - due mainly to my health - we wanted to get some of these on the go too. Other plans for the raised beds are to use another bed just for onions, as well as the 2 smaller beds for salad type stuff. Its sure gonna be busy, and this year is kind of low maintenance all round.

Elsewhere; in the mainly weed filled borders, we are starting to see more colour. The snowdrops are slowly giving way as pockets of Daffs and Tulips make their appearance. It's a lovely time, just wish i could do more. I could easily spend a week just tackling the weeds ! That's about it for now, but pop back in an hour or so for this weeks update!!! Take care all and enjoy your gardens.


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allotments4you said...

well it sounds like you're manage to potter about and keep yourself busy...just don't overdo it!!! Hope the spuds do well, I still haven't got my second earlies in yet!!