Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Planting time and plot update.

Welcome back to Reads Retreat. What glorious weather we are having - but don't jump for joy too soon - cold weather is set to return - it's a Bank Holiday Weekend!. But, that's what we expect, and we can deal with it - resilient lot us Brits!
And how's this for an inspirational pic - right outside the back door we have a raised bed full with Peas(v. Kelvedon Wonder). These have been in situ for about a week now and are showing signs of growth - the little "tendrils" seeking out something to hold on to!Since this picture was taken the pesky cats invaded the earth and did their worst! Gonna have to get a spud gun or something?

You'd be forgiven for thinking we're growing a garden fork and a pile of twigs! Rest assured we have 10 tubers of Second Earlies in there(v.Nadine) which we hope will give us a great crop on our doorstep. The same variety at the plot are doing ok too, but it seems extra nice to just nip outside and dig some up !

We've also planted an old dustbin up with 3 small tubers, and these appear to be flourishing. Since this pic was taken, the spuds have been earthed up, and already need doing again. Let's hope this is a good sign.

More good news : We risked it a bit with 3 early Courgette plants, outside on the patio. The initial leaves turned a silvery grey and died back, but more by luck than judgment, new growth abounds. This variety is the ever popular All Green Bush, which grow 6" tasty fruits. A few days since this picture and they are growing on well. The more eagle eyed may or may not notice the recycled recycling bin! There's a pack of seeds to anyone who can tell me which council unwittingly donated it !

The salad bar is open ! Well, almost! We have planted up a couple of small rows of lettuce, 2 rows of Beetroot (v.Boltardy), another row of lettuce(v.Lollo Rosso), a row of Spring Onions (v. White Lisbon), and a row of Purple Sprouting Broccoli. We've also got some onion sets to go in - a job for tomorrow! (If the rain ever stops!).

Thats about all for now - we've not been completely idle, but still loads to do.

Take care all and enjoy your gardening.



allotments4you said...

well you've been nice and busy...I have got plenty done the last few days and have decided to have a rest today......will maybe start again tomorrow if the weather is willing!!!

Jo said...

The weather hasn't been bad at all over the bank holiday weekend here. I wouldn't know about the recycling box, we don't have them here, only a green bin. Your potatoes in containers will rocket now that they're in growth, it doesn't take them long to reach to the top of the container.

Matron said...

Your early planting out is a bit of a risk, I hope your tender plants managed to make it. I suffered a bit this week - my own fault!

Mini Greenhouse said...

This is a great gardening blog and gave me some drive to get up and start the digging in my own garden! Hopefully you'll add some new content soon. Thanks!