Sunday, 11 April 2010

A New Addition!

Welcome back to Reads Retreat. Isn't the weather lovely! (Well , it is here anyway!). We recently purchased a new (secondhand) mower to keep the turf in check. This £7 model is a Qualcast Super Panther, complete and fully working. One of the rarer good buys on ebay!!
As i set about completing the first cut, Ruby followed with her barrow "getting the bits that daddy missed". Bless her !
Of course, the first cut of the grass went straight into the compost bin as usual. Seed germination is still going on at quite a pace. Today I'll be potting on the toms, so am gonna be busy. I hope you get some of the lovely sunshine wherever you are, and that you too have a great day.



allotments4you said...

We've had lovely weather too and I have been very bust getting seeds in and sorting out the new plot. Hoping for more of the same this week so i can get my peas in too...Oh how I love the sun...and 'Hi Ruby@. :-)

Jo said...

My tomatoes got potted on yesterday too. You're training Ruby well.