Monday, 5 April 2010


Welcome back to Reads Retreat, seems like only minutes since we last updated !!! Mum left in the week with half a dozen spud tubers to grow at home, together with a dozen Courgette (v.Black Beauty) seeds. You dont need to grow a lot - every little helps! And now, just a few more pictures to keep you going. This Rhubarb crown is now in it's 3rd year, and going by the size of it, its looking pretty healthy too. Hopefully we'll get even more from it this year mmmmmmm can almost taste it now!

Whereas this little beauty is just into its second year. We;ll probably take a small crop here too, but this plant will mainly be left alone to build up strength for next year. Dont forget we have a crown up at the allotment too, cant see us running out!

And no! It's not just a dustbin! This is our new spud planter, and is home to 3 more second earlies tubers (v.Nadine) which will supplement those being grown in the raised bed. I've not had much luck preciously growing spuds in tubs, but we'll see how we get on, and keep you posted.

Not much else happening on the plot, but if the weather improves a touch I've got a load of Onion sets(v.Turbo) still to go in.

Thats about it for today, but please do pop back soon for more updates.

Hopefully the weather will change for the better, and we can all get on with growing!

Take care all,



allotments4you said...

your rhubarb looks great...I found a patch in a neighbours garden which I got permission to dig up so I am hoping this take well...we will see!!

Spuds in a'll have to let me know how that works out!

Jo said...

I've got a rhubarb crown which is in it's second year now. I didn't take anything from it last year, but I hope to get a few stems this year to make a crumble with, then I'll let it be again to build up it's energy.