Friday, 23 March 2007

Runner Bean Canes 22.03.07

It's a great time of year, with all the preperations underway and almost finished.
8 x 8' Foot canes were used for my runner bean supports, pushed into the ground approx 2', they are quite sturdy. For added strength, I made the cross cane at the to the same height as the broad bean canes in the next bed. The added advantage of this is that the top runner canes will let the runners "dangle" which helps when it comes to harvest the crop. You'll see what i mean later in the year. The other point is that the supports run East to West ( approx ) so the veg get the full benefit of the sun, albeit as much as possible bearing in mind the proximity of the fence . People have been asking which variety i grow, and the honest answer is that I dont know. When my grandad started growing beans in the 1920's , he always dried some seed pods for next years crop. These have in turn been grown by my mother, and now by me. All I can tell you is that the deep red flowers are a picture to behold, and the crop is nearly always good. Must be a "Longpod" variety of some ilk ?


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