Wednesday, 21 March 2007

What a difference a week makes 14/2/07

7 days gives you so much time to get things done, as long as you have a plan!
I managed to cement in a new fence post adjacent to the existing broken one. With no access to my neighbours garden, this was simply the best way forward, rather than renewing the whole fence. I used a bag of Postcrete, wonderful stuff and so easy, only £4 a bag too.
As you can see from the plot, its got bigger. Now a lovely 15' x 9' , more than big enough for what i want. I took over the flower bed that borders the patio, as an area to plant my maincrop spuds. Flower gardening is taking a backseat this year as the bab is due mid June ( cant wait ) , so my fiance wont have the time for planting borders this year.
In my previous post i mentioned my hoard of stuff !
Well here's my collection! Seed trays with lids are so cheap these days, its hard to find an excuse for buying pots !
Also managed to but my spud seed potatoes this week, £1.69 for a bag of ten - cheap eh ! My First Earlies are "Rocket", Second Earlies are "Nicola" whilst for the maincrop i chose reliable old "King Edward". Cant believe how cheap these are getting. There's simply no point in buying spuds when you have the space to grow them. Nothing beats freshly dug spuds. Savour the taste!
Hope you will come back soon ! I'm slowly getting up to date. TTFN

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