Thursday, 22 March 2007

Filling the beds ! 7.03.07

I filled the beds with a mixture of soil from around the beds, Peat Free Compost as well as General potting compost, in large amounts ! I also added the required dosage of slow release fertizer pellets and then covered the beds with Black plastic ( for the spud bed ) and weed suppressant fabric for the rest .
The aim of this is twofold: To warm the soil for early planting ( Black absorbs heat ) and to suppress any weed growth.
As you can see in the pic, the raised beds are now extended into the plot by the patio. This will provide a bed for the maincrop spuds as well as an access path between this and the earlies bed.
Things are starting to take shape now, but must be patient to get past the frosty weather. When the weeds start to grow, its a good time to sow! Or so I've been told. Watch this space . TTFN.

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