Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Raised beds from scaffold planks 19/2/07

Dont get me wrong, Im no master carpenter! This construction though was relatively easy and very very cheap.
Materials consisted of 4 13' scaffold planks ( 13x9x1.5") at £3.00 each, from a local scaffolding company ( These boards are condemned - split etc - and not allowed to be used on site, and therefore useless to the company. They are however just what i needed. The only other expenditure was a box of 2.5" screws for a quid.

The long sides of the beds were simply 2 planks cut in half, the ends of the main beds were 1 plank cut into 4 !, whilst the bits in the middle were made from the remaining plank - the rest of which was used later on ! After screwing all together, 18" pegs were attached to the inside corners, and then the whole thing was moved into position, tamped down until level and that was it!. The access area to the front was covered with a black weed suppressing fabric before being well covered with bark chippings. The whole thing cost me less that £20. TTFN

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