Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Welcome to the jungle.....

Hahaha ! My veggie plot !
This was the scene in April 2006, just 10 months after moving in. To say the garden had been neglected would be a massive understatement. The previous owners had; it seems, been intent on recreating that urban jungle theme out back, and had never - it seems - dug a single thing into the garden. You have to remember, it took 10 months to get this good !
Luckily for me, last summer was very dry. This meant simply buying an incinerator and getting on with it. Blue bags as pictured, are from the coucil for a quid each, and they collect with standard refuse. Needless to say, i didn't use too many of these. One of first investments in the garden, was a composter. This has more than paid for itself over the last 12 months, with large quantities of composted waste having now been dug in. I use a proprietary compost accelerator, and on regular occasion use a fork to turn the contents over. We now have three of these daleks, which are all in constant use.
Together with work commitments and house redecoration, the garden took a back seat till the autumn of last year, but i just kept doing a bit as time allowed. Ten minutes a day is - believe it or not - enough to make progress. Watch this space!

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