Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Progress - slow, but getting there !

By late December 2006, the toil in the garden was beginning to pay off.
Having re sited the shed at the end of the garden - facing back towards the house, i now had the beginnings of a workable plot, with some ideas in my head of how I was going to proceed.At about the same time as the photo was taken, Auntie Beeb started the "Grow Your Own" TV series, which although i was none too keen on, did provide me with that final push of inspiration to get cracking.
Digging and weeding soil which has never been dug, is an arduous task that you want to put off till tomorrow - every day. However, having got a lovely new Fork for christmas I was chomping at the bit to get going, and just got on with it.
By now I was employed locally, and on shifts, so I had more time on my hands.
Its not going to last however, as I was blessed with the news in October that Im gonna be a dad! So it was now or never!.
What better inspiration could you have than that ?

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